TW Mote

Ultra-low power Industrial sensor platform

ThingWave’s wireless, low-power, sensor platform can provide remote sensing with up to ten years of battery lifetime. Different types of sensors can be attached, including; high-performance vibrations sensors, temperature, humidity, light, force, etc. etc. Our mote platform supports mesh networks with strong encrypted communication. The platform supports true plug and play and installation of new sensors can be achieved seamlessly.

TW Galaxy

Industrial gateway

Galaxy is ThingWave’s gateway for industrial monitoring applications. Galaxy supports up to hundred Motes at the same time, and can store sensor data, show real-time graphs and generate alarms. Galaxy can also forward data to Universe, ThingWave’s cloud platform.

TW Universe

Cloud platform

Universe is ThingWave’s cloud platform. Universe can be used to manage a large number of Galaxy gateways and can analyze sensor information from a very large number of Motes. Data can also be forwarded to external systems such as Amazon’s IoT platform, Mobilaris' Mining Intelligence, Big Data platforms etc. Universe can be hosted in the cloud, or by our own hardware in a local network.