08/10/2019 - Participation at PiiA Summit

ThingWave is participating PiiA Summit 2019 together with the SMIG project.

We are demonstrating our Digitalized Ground Support (DGS) system, composed of IoT-enabled rock bolts with integrated monitoring and wireless connectivity. In addition, we demonstrate how the Arrowhead Framework can be used for industrial applications.

ThingWave's DGS system enables real-time monitoring of the ground support in a mine and can deliver alarms within seconds if an anomaly happens to the mining company's control center. This increases safety and productivity.

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04/09/2019 - Participation at Telstra Vantage 2019

We are proud to announce the participation of our CEO Jens Eliasson at #TelstraVantage, presenting the first 5G rock bolt with #Ericsson and #Telstra.

#Mining #DigitalGroundSupport #Safety #Innovation

22/05/2019 - ThingWave tests the world's first 5G-connected rock bolt platform

Last week, ThingWave together with Ericsson, Boliden and LTU Business, tested our new 5G platform for Digitalized Ground Support.

The use of 5G enabled our low-power IoT platform to transmit status information from rock bolts to our cloud server.

This gives real-time decision support to mining companies so they can provide a safer working environment and achieve higher efficiency.

20-21/05/2019 - ThingWave is participating EIT RawMaterials Summit 2019 in Berlin

ThingWave is presenting for the Venture Forum at EIT RawMaterials Summit 2019.

ThingWave is at the EIT RawMaterials Summit to meet customers, partners and venture capital.

15-16/05/2019 - ThingWave is at Intel Partner Connect in Sydney

Intel Partner Connect is an event organized by Intel to meet partners and present new technologies.

ThingWave attended the Partner Connect in Sydney to meet customers and partners in the IoT and Big data field.

09/04/2019 - ThingWave is at the Gothenburg Artificial Intelligence Alliance Conference

GAIA organises a one-day conference for people with an interest in artificial intelligence and data science with the focus on what is going on within the field in Gothenburg.

The aim is to create an environment for learning, networking, and knowledge-sharing among individuals, companies, organisations, and academia with a common interest. The conference focuses on applied machine learning and data science and introduces talks of diverse content given by enthusiastic people from the field, many with local connections.

Our first conference attracted over 400 people and was sold out. The second GAIA conference will take place on April 9th 2019 at Lindholmen Conference Centre!

17/11/2017 - ThingWave and IBM teams up to develop cloud solution for Digitalized Ground Support

ThingWave is now an IBM Business partner!
ThingWave is together with the support from IBM, creating a new cloud solution for safer and more producitve mines. ThingWave's new cloud architecture enables scalability to handle very large number of IoT-rock bolts and can deliver advanced analytics.

17/11/2017 - ThingWave winner of the Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) pitch contest

ThingWave's Industrial IoT rockbolt won the ABI pitch contest!

"We make the bolts smart. We have received a good response from the industry, and now we are ready to do larger mine installations", says CEO Jens Eliasson

16/11/2017 - ThingWave will participate at the Artic Business Incubator (ABI) demo day

Demo day, 16th of November from 15:00 to 19:00 at ABI center.

15/09/2017 - ThingWave is collaborating with the Boliden, Ericsson and Luleå University of Technology in the PIMM project

Open on Youtube

ThingWave is collaborating with the Boliden, Ericsson and Luleå University of Technology in the PIMM project to test the next generation of smart rock reinforcements. ThingWave's Smart rock bolt monitoring system has been installed in 400 m. depth in the Kankberg mine. The use of Ericsson's 5G infrastructure enables individual rock bolts to be monitored in real-time continuously. Any deviation in tunnel deformations is detected and alarms are generated within minutes.

15/02/2017 - Industrial Internet Summit

ThingWave attended the Industrial Internet Summit in Sydney, Australia Feb 15-16, 2017.

17/06/2016 - Participation at Euro Mine Expo

ThingWave was at Euro Mine Expo, Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Sweden June 14-16, 2016.

28/03/2016 - Participation at Internet of Things World

ThingWave will present its products at the upcoming IoT World event in Santa Clara, California in May 2016.

08/03/2016 - Two research teams win SEK 400,000 each for innovation ideas

Two research teams at Luleå University of Technology has won SEK 400 000 each on a pitch contest for innovation in the mining industry. The ideas were the smart mining bolt ThingWave and the eco-lubricant SustainaLube.

Our product had a strong connection to the program call that was about investigating new technologies for application in the mining industry, and we were at the right level. It feels great to win this contest, it will be our second pitch win in a row now, says Jens Eliasson, Associate Professor of Industrial Electronics.

Previously, the group won the prestigious contest IPSO Challenge in the United States. The company ThingWave has developed a system that can lead to greater safety in mining. The mining bolt has a transmitter that monitors and displays certain errors, with the help of Internet of Things, for example, if the bolt is about to release. The team consists of five people who are researchers and entrepreneurs from Luleå.

08/12/2015 - IPSO Alliance names the Smart Rock bolt $10,000 winner of the 2015 Challenge

The IPSO Alliance presents the $10,000 Grand Prize winners of IPSO CHALLENGE 2015, “The Smart Rock Bolt”, developed by Luleå University of Technology and Eistec AB. (Team representatives Joakim Nohlgård, Pablo Puñal Pereira, Claudia Nohlgård, and Jens Eliasson pictured with Nicholas Ashworth, CHALLENGE co-chairman).

"This recognition is a tremendous honor and will support development of our next generation prototype as we work to transform a traditional and global industry" - Jens Eliasson of Luleå University of Technology.